What is Mansa-X Fund

The Mansa-X Fund is a Global Multi Asset Strategy Fund that invests in the global online foreign exchange markets whose primary objective is for the investor to achieve capital growth.

Mansa-X Fund is managed by SIB (Standard Investment Bank): Kenya’s First Online Foreign Exchange Money Manager


According to SIB, the theory is having worked hard to earn your money; its time yo take up Mansa-X a a vehicle for your money working for you

Why SIB Mansa-X

1. Unparalleled Expertise

With expertise spanning over 20 years, Mansa-X leaves nothing to chance.

With a 5 trillion market, Mansa-X has the ability to access funds any time with minimal loss of value

2. Highly Liquid

3. Diverse Portfolio

Diversification away from traditional asset classes of Kenyan equities, Kenyan fixed income and real estate.

To navigate today’s global markets you need a partner who is relentlessly focused & has a deep understanding of the changing landscapes.

We believe the rewards of investing don’t have to be about the act of risk-taking alone.  With a diversified approach we aim to offer an exciting investment opportunity


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