Well Travis Kalanick is the new Uber CEO. Previously at the helm of Expedia when it was spun out of IAC 12 years ago. As such he knows both about the transition to public life, and about the demands of serving as a public-company boss. He led Expedia to deliver a roughly 760 percent total shareholder return as an independent listed company, Eikon data shows, or more than twice the return of the Nasdaq Composite index. that’s on Uber

The drivers under the Kenyan Digital Taxi Association have submitted a charter of demands to the companies.

We, drivers and partners, would like to inform our esteemed customers that as from this coming Monday 11/9/2017 our services shall not be available until further notice. This is due to improper management of our service providers who have been making us work for long hours only to get nothing.”

Online cab hailing Drivers from Uber, Little, Mondo-Ride and Taxify have been on strike and taking it to the street on claim of poor return per KM charges and pay until better rates are agreed at.

Sure tried the apps but for better no drivers was on my vicinity; to the street policing on the fellow riders not bothered but on business not to conduct any.

The drivers claims that they are being exploited with the tech platforms companies manipulating the terms to affecting the returns. The drivers might be on strike until the terms are revised, a plus to the normal cab, Taxi owners in Nairobi.

Uber, Taxify, Mondo enjoys other revenue markets; something Little opt to consider for the market domination; if we trust safaricom we can as well grow our little a little. KES 20 per Kilometer on all your basic Rides: Ride Little Better: Keep Smiling all the Way

What? Commission to be deducted by the online platforms to be reduced from 25 per cent and 15 per cent to 10 per cent and uniform charges per KM. Someone was not consulted on free rides offer …….compensation on this perhaps from the platform companies

Who stands at vantage point here. threatening to registered drivers, drivers being deregistered or platform loosing riders

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