Instant Loans to your M-Pesa? What we Know; might have heard or just know

Formerly Mkopo Rahisi re-branded in May 2016 to Tala; Tala is among the top finance apps in Kenya that give you access to quick soft loans at low fees. The loans come with a friendly repayment schedule.

The app is available at Google Play Store. Once you download and install, the application sends an identity confirmation message and in additional to scanning inbox messages  for credit evaluation, the providers use the information to proof creditworthiness as well.

You can then apply apply for a loan within five minutes. Normally and always the case you do not; and if you don’t qualify then you wont or might never qualify for the promised loan equality. If the guys like you or “the evaluating methodologies ” and do qualify for a loan then the loan request is approved within seconds which is remitted to the provided mobile payment linkage. In this case M-Pesa followed by a confirmatory message indicating that your application was successful

When you download Tala, we will ask to scan your M-Pesa SMS and other information in order to verify your identity, creditworthiness, and provide you the fastest loan in Kenya. We take privacy very seriously and your personal information will never be shared without your direct permission.

You can qualify for amount ranging from KES. 2000.00 with a fair chance! of building the credit limit on sheer luck up to KES 50,000.00 with the  issued Loans attracting  a one-off processing fee of between 5% and 15% depending on the users’ profile and loan size and the maximum repayable in within three months.

The Credit limit increases as you continue to build your profiles. Rather the way to build your credit limit is to pay each loan on time coupled by CRB listing warning messages if you late on payment on one reason or the other.

advisable always update the app regularly to qualify for additional limit and for message scanning always try to keep the app installed on your device!

Registration requires confidential information from the user but there is an assuring on not to share your data with any third-party.

The app allow you to check their borrowing history, communicate with the support staff, and review the financial services on the app.

In case you do qualify tala paybill is The M-Pesa pay bill number 851900 for prompt repayments

Why Tala?

  1. Easy
  2. User friendly
  3.  Approval in  seconds
  4. Cash sent instantly to your M-Pesa
  5. Build your credit up to 50,000 KSh by making loan payments on time!
  6. Fast Loan processing for qualified users – about five minutes
  7. Instantly request for another on repaying outstanding loans
  8. 3 months payment period option
  9. credit limit reports and qualified customers success stories
  10. No paperwork, of course its mobile based

Why Not

  1. You might ever qualify the entry loan application
  2. Prolonged qualification on keeping the application installed; might not qualify still
  3. Sophos Security always detect message and security bleach from the app as one of the un-trusted apps
  4. Tala App currently works on Android phones running on OS version 2.3.3 or higher, techy
  5. Failure to repay on time attracts high interest and limits the borrower from accessing a higher amount in the future.
  6. Constant qualified limit suspension; not eligible
  7. If you fail to repay their loans on time are blacklisted; for ever.
  8. Un-reliable customer Service; good luck on response if any or contact our customer services
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  1. Hi guys of haraka I have heard from so many people that you are so good and I would like to join you guys

    1. Hae,i urgently request for kshs.2000 that i convict to pay within 3months time,thankyou in advance

  2. Why was my loan reapplication failed to be approved? My app window says that am not eligible at this time of application yet I have been constantly doing my repayment in time. Asking from Tala loan.

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