Shika Loan App

Shika Loan App major upgrade got launching a rocket. Major developments from the former alternative circle come Creditinfo Group in a drive to achieve Kevin’s “the founder” mission of reaching 200 millions in Fintech offering.

Creditinfo as a parent company offers alternative credit risk management, a major credit or discredit approach as Integrated with the Shika app for the discreet credit check. All the same the App assures Easy, Fast, Flexible & Transparent Loans

What is SHIKA?

SHIKA app enables you to get access to credit whenever you need it in less than 3 minutes. Once you are registered, requested loans are processed and sent straight to your M-PESA mobile wallet.

What we Know this Far on SHIKA

  1. Quick & Easy: The app is easy to sign up and get started. This after major development from the initial releases. Tested and experienced on the app.
  2. Genuine: The App have been around since March 2016, Beta testing in October 2017 full roll out towards end of 2017 with a revamp in Second quarter of 2018. Well outstanding Parent Company and good founder info.
  3. Support: You can be guaranteed of in prompt support via email; just drop support an mail on or better still use the in-app support

What We have Seen or Heard

  1. Flexible Payment Terms
  2. Quick Higher Loan Limit Raises
  3. Secure Process
  4. The Lowest loan amount limit issued by Shika once eligible is KES. 500.
  5. Fast Cash Disbursement in under 180 Seconds to your mobile Wallet: M-Pesa

Some we don’t Agree to

loan is approved or rejected based on the MPESA statement messages on your mobile device “A minimum of 3 months MPESA statement. Privacy Alert!”as well as the individual’s current credit listing status (rating and score) at the Credit Reference Bureau. Mean Creditinfo CRB Kenya and might cost for the ratings.

Getting Started

After all if you are a Kenyan; have a Kenyan Identification Card and have an M-PESA registered phone number;Go for get some money.

Assured the registration process have since been streamlined and is quite straight forward: What Else? Login using  your phone number as verified by the Shika, input your updated PIN. Press Request Loan if might be you are not stuck on Limits updating, review or launching

Borrow Wisely, Use Carefully, Pay Promptly. .inclusive

Rates: The App Loans attracts a facilitation fee is 15% of the amount borrowed.


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3 thoughts on “Shika Loan App

  1. Hello,im Godfrey.i can’t recall my pin and I changed my handset. Plz help coz I tried to reset but I have been told to use the former phone.

    1. Install the App
      Use Forgot password Link
      Input your email

      The App will send a reset Pin to your email immediately.

      Use the New Pin to login which will prompt You to set a new password.

      If this small guide doesn’t help, please contact Shika on:

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