Safaricom Business Fuliza  for enterprises

The “M-Pesa for Business” app was released on June 17, and now, just about three weeks on, it has more than 10,000 downloads.

businessperson collecting payments through an M-Pesa till number can now Fuliza to complete their business transactions.

Who would have imagined “Fuliza for Business” ever becoming a thing? . It is the M-Pesa’s “buy goods” service reconfigured to enable business people, to have more control over the cash collected.

Well, the back-end of M-Pesa’s till number service has recently been revamped. Money from customers that goes to that till is now closer to our reach. Now it is possible to pay salaries direct from the till, send payments to suppliers, send money to another pay bill number, withdraw at an M-Pesa agent, buy airtime and more.

Most of this is enabled by the “M-Pesa for Business” app that was released by Safaricom on June 17, and now, just about three weeks on, it has more than 10,000 downloads. I am among those who have downloaded it.

I find the new service very helpful. As I write this, payment of staff salaries is due and for the first time I’ll pay my “five-star” chapatti specialist and her colleagues through their M-Pesa numbers straight from the restaurant M-Pesa till.

Paying salaries is not the only new capability. I have also been using it to pay my suppliers. In these Covid-19 times, it is a good thing to know that I can collect payments from customers and use some of it to pay suppliers without having to ‘touch’ cash. Quite thoughtful of Safaricom, isn’t it?

The one feature that has caused additional excitement is the “Fuliza for Business”. This overdraft facility promises to be a game-changer during these times of strained resources. It came in handy the other day when I had to get supplies from a supermarket after the normal channel failed me. Just like Fuliza for regular customers, this is an opt-in service once a person dials *234#. This facility will help many, I am sure.

The other new capabilities include the ability to directly check the balance in the till, the possibility of depositing cash into the till at any M-Pesa agent (rather than go to the bank as was before) and to view transaction reports.

This new feature also now makes every business owner an airtime seller. Through my till number, I can sell airtime and get a commission off it. I cannot afford to say no to an extra coin, can I? No more sending a waiter and waitress to dash out to get airtime for a customer.

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