Okolea Interest Rates

Okolea interest rates? Have you updated your app recently! Well Okolea have been working to improve the app platform.

Here a few changes to note, more so on the interest rates, loan request procedure additions

Interests Rates

  1. 2 Days     –  5%
  2. 1 Week    –  10%
  3. 3 Week   –  17%
  4.  Weeks    –  20%

The interest rates table slabs applies on amount exceeding Kes. 600.

Paybill Number


By now You already know on the credit Limits with most of the fintech apps are capped to some certain amounts.

The maximum amount with the loan apps stands at Kes. 50,000. This with the leasing platforms like the Branch, … don’t ask me about Tala as I have since been locked out like You. AI. I sure don’t think so

advisable its wiser to repay your small loan on time in order to improve the credit Limits with okolea. Failure to repay the amount on time accrues a 1% interest on penalties. You don’t want yo be penalized on this.

However you are guaranteed to some few hundreds limit on repaying on time. Better still Okolea has Integrated the platform with CRB for credit score check.

Okolea has now seeks your consent hon agreeing to the check before updating on on the CRAB access. If this is well so!

The CRB update scores do not block or reduce your instant borrowing but rather improves on the limits.

You however will continue  to enjoy loans from okolea after allowing this app to access  the credit history

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