MasterPass by Mastercard

MasterPass : MasterPass is a digital service that allows consumers to use any payment card or enabled device to discover enhanced shopping experiences that are as simple as a click, tap or touch – online, in-store or anywhere and now more upgraded to use barcode scan as the easiest payment method

Don’t just buy it. Masterpass it.

The MasterPass suite of services includes:

  • MasterPass checkout services – to provide merchants a consistent way to accept electronic payments regardless of where the consumer may be. For in-store scenarios either at the register or in the aisle, MasterPass supports use of NFC, QR codes, tags and mobile devices used at points of sale. For online purchases, MasterPass provides shoppers a simple check-out process by eliminating the need to enter detailed shipping and card information with every purchase.
  • MasterPass-connected wallets – to enable banks, merchants and partners to offer their own wallets. Consumers can securely store card information, address books and more in a secure cloud, hosted by an entity they trust. The wallet is open, which means that in addition to MasterCard cards, consumers can use other branded credit, debit and prepaid cards.
  • MasterPass value added services – to enrich the shopping experience before, during and after checkout. These will include more information like account balances and real-time alerts, loyalty programs, as well as Priceless offers and experiences.

Financial Providers Integration Instance from DTB Bank Kenya

DTB MASTERPASS QR: The App integration with the Bank provides convenient checkout payment method whether shopping online, in apps, or in store where you don’t have to type in your card number or shipping address. This in addition to guaranteed security on remittance from your DTB account

Making Payment is easy: Just look for the DTB Masterpass QR Code, Tap, pay, and get on with your day.

Masterpass has a target of connecting 150,000 micro, small and medium enterprises  in Kenya to be able to accept in-store mobile payments using QR code technology in 2017 using the Masterpass QR platform in conjunction through “various financial institutions and other partners” like DT Bank and a global goal of connecting 40m micro and small merchants to its electronic payments network by the end of 2020.

Masterpass QR is currently being rolled out in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania and “will soon be in a number of countries across the continent,” Mastercard adds.

Masterpass QR Platform: Harnessing the power of mobile technology, Masterpass QR is a new payment solution that allows consumers to pay for goods and services using mobile phones at merchant outlets. Masterpass QR is secure, smart and easy, providing a cost-effective alternative to cash payments.

Feature phone:  you can dial or text your bank’s mobile banking code (example: *123#) and follow instructions to pay merchant as per your bank’s menu options.

Masterpass QR
Masterpass QR

Using Masterpass QR: is as as simple as 1-2-3: Simply scan the merchant QR code with your banking app to make payments in 3 easy steps








Don’t just buy it. Masterpass it. Its game on for mVisa, M-Pesa, Pesalink Platforms all together

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