PESALINK: An Integrated Payment Services Ltd Platform (IPSL); and that its, PesaLink is an integrated payment Service built for easy, safe, secure and cost effective money transfer from one bank account  to another or on interbank transfer.

The Platform was established and is affiliated to Kenya Bankers Association (KBA). The platform is as a result of an establishment on the National Payment System (NPS) Act to address the challenge of integrating retail payments in the country.


Innovation and interoperability

The platform allows customers to send money from one bank account to another bank account in real time on all banks’ retail payment channels including but not limited to mobile, ATM, Internet banking, Agency, Bank branches and POS.

Pesa Link: Meaning Money just found a sail link; a new approach to electronic payment PesaLink is poised to a better competitor to Safaricoms M-Pesa by integrating innovation and lowering money transfer charges in Kenya at instantaneous speed.Safer and Secure

Realtime is the word here, available 24-7 the channel enables its customers to transfer money from as low as KES.10 to as much as KES.999,999 but not including the affiliated Banks additional charges.

Data released in August positioned PesaLink at vantage and spell doom intermediaries money services such as M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and Orange Money having facilitated transactions valued at KES. 8 billion way above IPSL half year target of KES. 7 billion target

Banks on PesaLink Platform

Not Limited to, here are the Banks offering PesaLnk Services. Intergrated

  1. African Banking Corp. Ltd
  2. Bank of Africa Ltd.
  3. Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd
  4. Citibank N.A.
  5. Commercial Bank of Africa Ltd
  6. Consolidated Bank Ltd
  7. Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd
  8. Credit Bank Ltd
  9. Diamond Trust Bank (K) Ltd
  10. Equity Bank Ltd
  11. Family Bank Ltd.
  12. First Community Bank Ltd
  13. Guaranty Trust Bank (Kenya) Ltd.
  14. Guardian Bank Ltd
  15. Gulf African Bank Ltd
  16. Habib Bank A.G. Zurich
  17. Jamii Bora Bank Ltd
  18. Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd.I & M Bank Ltd
  19. Kenya Women Microfinance Bank
  20. Middle East Bank (K) Ltd
  21. National Bank of Kenya Ltd
  22. NIC Bank Ltd.
  23. Paramount Universal Bank Ltd
  24. Prime Bank Ltd
  25. Sidian Bank Ltd
  26. Spire Bank
  27. Stanbic Bank Ltd
  28. Standard Chartered Bank (K) Ltd
  29. Victoria Commercial Bank Ltd

What is PesaLink Charges

0-500 0
501 – 10,000 42
10,001 – 50,000 62
50,001 – 100,000 82
100,001 – 200,000 112
201,000 – 500,000 152
501,000 – 999,999 152

What Next

IPSL PesaLink is looking forward to integrating more banks and  having been a success with the first phase of the project (person-to-person money transfers) its now a better stage to look at the second phase which will include businesses and establish partnerships with government agencies, mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) and other players in the mobile money transfer sub sector including licensed microfinance institutions (MFIs).

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