Haraka Loan App

Haraka: Haraka is the quickest and most convenient way to get a loan when you’re on the go! an Android Apps on Google Play making it easy for anyone to access credit in Kenya – anytime and anywhere.


  1. Create your account using Facebook login
  2. Apply in seconds
  3. Receive your loan straight into your M-Pesa account *
  4. Repay your loans in time and participate in the referral rewards program to up your loan limits and be eligible for future bonuses and discounts!!

Haraka is an affiliate of Getbucks and concentrates mostly in small loans to the unbanked via the mobile app easily available on the google play with a repayment period of 7 to 30 days.

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53 thoughts on “Haraka Loan App

      1. Haraka app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mybucks.haraka&hl=en
        Referral the code = SDQMS66

  1. I cannot repay my loan, l keep getting a message saying that ‘failed the format of your account no is wrong. Kindly assist.

    1. Hi Anna. Qualifying for 80,000.00 right away might be tricky but you sure will get some limits. If you credit stands ok you can combine a couple of finances from BRANCH and HARAKA

    1. Rodgers. Haraka offers the simplest way to login via Facebook. If you are logged into facebook loggin in should be auto as long as you have granted Haraka the app rights. Better still check on facebook account Login and you should be good to go………..

  2. What’s wrong with your app it keeps telling me I can’t log in due to http error

  3. Felistus! This far we would recommend The Branch for 5000.00 instant loan. So far the Best Loan App in Kenya: Get the Branch app: https://branch.co/download/le46yl Be sure to enter my promo code le46yl Support our efforts and use the code le46yl

  4. Benjamin! Haraka is one of the top loan apps in Kenya. TOur expirience with Haraka
    Low Limit though
    For more please use the inapp support to call or email their support

  5. hello morning I aplyed a loan of 5000 but am not seen anything how can I do to get it

  6. I don’t find the app convenience and being reliable would like to cancel my loan since I don’t need it now

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