Credit Score & CRB in Kenya

A CRB is an institution licensed by the CBK to obtain, store & share credit information with lenders. We currently have 3 CRBs; Metropol, Credit Info & TransUnion


Being blacklisted in the CRB may mean that someone else has access to your details and is using them to get loans, tricky right?

Being blacklisted on CRB means you have defaulted on a loan. This can be a loan from Mobile lenders, your bank etc

Well while a majority of people aren’t concerned of being blacklisted on the CRB, and CRB Listing having been suspended due to the Covid 19 economic effects to Kenyans. Being listed means that in the future, you may not be able to access certain services from the government or private sector such as a loan for your car, mortgage etc

Not paying your loan as per the due date, means you have defaulted on the loan and this will affect your credit score & may lead to being blacklisted.

Credit Score

A credit score is a number that provides a basis for a lender to decide whether a loan applicant is an ideal candidate for the loan they are requesting

Taking out multiple loans leads to a debt cycle. Failure to repay the loans will lead to a poor score and an overall financial hardship


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If you want to maintain a good credit score, keep a good relationship with your lender by communicating the emergency and the repayment plan before the due date.

You can get a good credit score by keeping your gambling expenditure low. Gambling is NOT a source of income and will lead you to a debt cycle trap which will greatly affect your score

Spending more money than you receive on your M-pesa will have a negative effect on your overall credit score.

A good credit score grows your credit limit meaning you can get higher loans in the future for different purposes such as buying a car etc.

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