Britam and Equity Riziki Cover: Securing your Earning

The Equity Bank in conjunction with Britam offering the Riziki Cover insurance products only applies within the Republic of Kenya.


What is Riziki Cover?

Launched in October 2019 Riziki is an Insurance cover against your earning or income in case one has been hospitalized with no income coming in as they are not working.

Riziki Cover targets to ease the financial burden associated with lost daily income from one’s employment or personal business in case of hospital admission.

The product gives you cash back depending on your cover for the period you have been hospitalized.
Earning while still recovering.


How Much Does Riziki Cover Premium Cost

Riziki is Bundled with Equitel offering on purchasing the 2GB data + Riziki cover at KSH 1099,



For any insurance you must be bound by some terms, that’s clear you can protect your income in case you get hospitalized for 3 days or more but you will still be compensated under the policy terms.

  • Any Equitel subscriber over the age of 18 can sign up. To purchase the Riziki+ Cover policy, you must have a bank account with Equity Bank.
  • If you choose Riziki+ Cover, you (and your spouse, if buying the Riziki + Family Cover) must be between 18-65 years old and your children 18 or younger. Once signed up, coverage can continue indefinitely as long as premiums continue to be paid and the subscriber is alive. Children’s cover ends when they turn 19.
  • You are only able to collect a maximum payout equal to 30 nights in the hospital in a 12-month period, for each policy. This applies separately for each covered person. ( i.e. each family member on a family plan can get paid for 30 nights in 12 months).
  • There are no exclusions on types of illnesses or causes of hospitalization. As long as your illness requires you to stay 3 or more nights in a row in the hospital, you will be covered.
  • The Equitel insurance products do not cover the cost of medical care and only pay cash to you once you are discharged from the hospital. If you have a really long stay (10 nights or more), you can start your claim while you’re still in the hospital.
  • premiums are non-refundable. Once paid, premiums are used to fund claims for the unfortunate policyholders who have been hospitalized.
  • only a maximum of one Riziki Cover policy AND one Riziki+ Cover policy can be active per mobile number.


How to Subscribe

You Simply dial 5446# to get protected.


Riziki Cover Categories

There are Four(4) Cover grouping; You can however have both products at the same time.

1. Riziki Cover (Lite User)

The Riziki Cover – Lite User is a Free cover from Equitel as long as you use Equitel airtime worth Ksh. 100 or make mBanking transactions worth Ksh. 100 or more monthly. Ksh. 400 cash payout per night if admitted

2. Riziki Cover (Heavy User)

The Riziki Cover – Heavy User is also a Free Cover from Equitel as long as you purchase Equitel airtime worth Ksh. 100 and make mBanking transactions worth Ksh. 1000 or more monthly. Ksh. 800 cash payout per night if admitted

3. Bundle + Riziki Personal Cover

This Cover is bundled with a Purchase of the Equitel bundle of Ksh. 1,249 monthly which you enjoy 500 minutes+ Riziki cover.

Alternatively, you can still qualify for this cover if you Purchase Equitel monthly data bundle of Ksh.1,099 which you get 2GB+Riziki cover. Ksh. 2500 cash payout per night if admitted.


4. Riziki+ Personal Cover

With Riziki Personal Cover you Pay a  premium of Ksh. 620 per month with compensation of Kshs. 2500 payout per night if you or your family member is admitted. The family covers you, one spouse and your children under 19



call the insurance call center (0763 063 745) to begin your insurance claim once you are discharged, If you have a really long stay (10 nights or more), you can start your claim while you’re still in the hospital. You will be given details on the next steps. For hospital claims, you will need to submit copies of your ID, hospital payment invoice/receipt as well as documents showing the date of admission and discharge signed by a doctor or hospital. If you are claiming for a child on a family plan, you will also need to provide a birth certificate, showing they are your biological child. If you are claiming for a spouse on a family plan, you may also need to provide proof of relationship. Claims must be submitted within 90 days from the day of discharge from the hospital.

However in case of an eventuality, the policyholder dies during a hospital stay of 3 nights or longer, their next-of-kin can make a claim by following the claim procedures. Proof of relationship will be required.

The Claim should be paid in 48 hours or less. If your claim is approved, your benefit will be paid into your Equity Bank account.

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