Be part of a big thing, rather a branch by definition is general but all connected to the main trunk. Now our attention is the Branch an entirely branch-less microfinance institution; the bank in your pocket, let agree on your phone, access to finance anywhere anytime, the financial services for the mobile generation impacted or formulated from Formation 8 and Khosla Impact by Matthew Flannery, Dniel Jung and Random Bares

Personally I have tried | accessed several light finances via the Branch mobile app; must admit its the most considerate on time financial app in this market, well so far. stylish and friendly user interface, Constantly updates, easily accessible on google apps, on time notification and most of all accessible customer care.



  1. Notification bar
  2. Loan Details: Notifies on any principal amount borrowed, Interest, Loan Balances
  3. Payment Schedule (Tap to Pay button)
  4. Loan Transaction: Notifies on disbursed ( Date and Principle amount), Status on any active loans, and applicable interests with a summarized report on the loan transactions.
  5. Invite Friends | Referral opportunity “Earn KES 300 when friends you invite repay their first loan”  with an invite review report. The Blue “Invite Friends Report” triggers the communication channels for sharing the referral code i.e if installed WhatsApp, Slack, Twitter, Go SMS, Message, Gmail, Bluetooth, HotKnot Share, Messager, Outlook, Snapchat, Telegram,
  6. Promotions: input the code LE46YL and press on Appall code button to support onlinecash crew
  7. FAQ | How it works details much on the Branch App and operations as summarized here, the “Ask a question”buttons links to the essential customer care section
  8. Loan History, all your previous and current loan report
  9. Customer Care: Messaging / Chat facility for interacting with the Branch. Mostly the app notification and follow-up
  10. My account: The user portal to manage and edit personal details i.e: Primary Financial Account “M-Pesa accounts”  Personal Info “Legal name, National ID, Date of Birth, and email account

More random on the Branch
The Branch became partners with the high riding Uber where drivers can access $300 | starter loan, payable within 6 months at a fee of 1.2% interest monthly

The branch uses machine learning to make credit decisions delivered in seconds linked to timely repayments| digital trust networks. Machine learning algorithms: thousands process of data points to assess credit profile in creating tailored loan products. Data collected on your phone at consent: Handset Details, SMS Logs, Social Network Data, GPS Data, Call logs, Contact list

Branch loans range from $2.50 to $500 and can extend up to a year.

Following the success in Kenya, the Branch has entered into the second market, Tanzania.

In 2016 the Branch scooped the Finchech Africa Lending and financing award in the public award category and is also ranked among the 2016 African FinTech companies.

The More financing you access with the branch the more the interest fees decreases and more flexible terms

The branch is a for-profit socially conscious company based in San Francisco and Nairobi that use technology to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering financial services in emerging markets.

 Why you should trust the Branch

  • Commitment to Privacy and Security
  • Fair and Transparent Services
  • Innovative Product, Compassionate People
  • Easy accessibility in four steps
    1. Download the Branch app on google play
    2. Fill in the credentials and submit Application
    3. Access cash in minutes and Review Loans
    4. Grow and access larger credit Limit via repayment
  • you do not require savings to become a customer
  • No late penalties or rollover fees


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