1234 On Scoppe Loan App

Getting Started with SCOPPE Loan App is that easy. 1234 and You are ready to Scope.

Upon downloading the app choose to login either by google or Facebook. Either way both options are swift if already logged in on the device.

Note by signing in on to SCOPPE You agree to the App Terms and Conditions. Its wise to go through the conditions even if in a hurry to apply for funding.

The Agreement covers the App usage and allowed age bracket, app Update, Personal Data Collection Consent, Credit Reference Bureau CRB data access, Application cost, Risks, Loan default and Governing Law

1. Add your Identity

2. Add Phone Number

3. Add MPESA Statement

4. Get Evaluated for Credit Limit

At this point You are ready to apply your for your first loan with SCOPPE

We recommend SCOPPE Loan App for the Ease and Urgency in Loan Processing and Steady Credit Limit Growth.


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