Zidisha Microlending Loan App

Zidisha Microlending: Affordable online loans to invest in your future

Its the happiness in the smiles I see; the hope and the very assurance of a better tomorrow.

Zidisha is an international lending community that offers responsible, high-achieving people the chance to raise loans directly from ordinary people all over the world.

There are many reason why you should go the zidisha way; just to mention a few:

Accessible: This to everyone no matter the financal standing

  1. Affordable: Much lower interest rates
  2. Flexible: you choose your own repayment schedule
  3. Growth: Increase your limits on every repayment
  4. High Limits: When it come to lower interest rates zidisha has the highest maximum limits at KES: 1,014,790
  5. Direct interaction

With more than 100,000 people worldwide have started using Zidisha:  Zidisha is the first online microlending community that directly connects lenders and borrowers — no matter the distance or disparity between them.

Zidisha stand behind the commitment to their clients. If any Zidisha member is not completely satisfied with the performance, they immediately refund 100% of the lender credit uploads, donations and service fees paid by that member – even if the loans funded with the lender credit have not yet been repaid to Zidisha. This guarantee is offered equally to lenders and to borrowers


Quite simple this one for sure 3,2,1

  1. Have a smartphone or regular access to the Internet
  2. Have a smartphone or regular access to the Internet
  3. Be able to secure recommendations from people in your community


Zidisha loans do not carry interest tough there s a 5% service or facilitating fee of the loan amount, to cover the cost of transferring and administering the loan. Additionally New borrowers also pay a one-time lifetime membership fee, which is deducted from the first loan disbursement.

Though Zindsha is highly recommendable, funding might take much longer as compared to available fntech options like Branch, Tala and Okolea

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  1. I am pleased by your loans; please is it possible to get another loan and I have not yet finished repaying the first one?

  2. Its fine,I have seen it can boost someone when in need of cash when out of cash or during emergency situation.I need a loan please

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