wouldn’t  have bought no Bitcoin in Africa

wouldn’t have bought no Bitcoin in Africa.

If I knew the cost of bitcoin was going to skyrocket I would have bought some for the profit, but wait a minute

I wouldn’t have bought a thing, and if I did maybe speculations would have played the better. This as a financial investment.

Now the question is! Is it too late to to buy and sell. Maybe! maybe not? Forget selling for now and let concentrate on buying. Tricky

The cost of the cryptocurrencies has already been labeled a bubble, at least for now with some heavy weight on-watch on the up and down trends. A hike downwards for the bitcoin pulling all related Cryptos down.

A bubble? some Fortune or Reality. A digital scheme

Surely wouldn’t, Perhaps the upward trend might just repeat the phenomenon positive trend and just onlinecash might buy if only  still marginally profitably.

Technological innovations and trends seems so promising, from the startup’s to the Ellon Musks, Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg facebook to Adroid dominating over Apple .. So on the contrary maybe onlinecash might make enough bucks and decided to shovel some bitcoin.

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