Virscom. A Kenyan company launched to the market a game changer cab hailing applications on Wednesday. sharecab, is available on Google play store. amidst Drivers on strike, the pioneer Uber on a hike, Taxify mileage discounted, Mondo Ride on a stretch and Little cab to Nigeria


Sharecab is the platform name: introducing the cab sharing a service on and discounted a save model with Riders getting discounts of up to 50 per cent by sharing rides. A professional taxi pooling application that gives the customer an experience to share a ride with other customers headed the same direction as them thus enabling you to save on the fare through rewarding discounts.
charging ZERO %, Percentage commission to the drivers gaining up to 38 per cent on combining passengers on the same route, even as the passengers themselves travel for less. The platform will takes a flat rate membership fee of KES 2,000 a month from drivers, who typically earn from KES 40,000 and upwards, making for a fee equivalent to 5 per cent, and often far lower.

Drivers will earn more, but riders don’t pay more, with an additional cab sharing facility that saves riders up to 50 percent of fare. Mwakio Ngale

For security purpose and a guarantee on near zero security issues for both riders and customers, ShareCAB has put in place a very stringent vetting program that ensures they have the right type of drivers operating on the platform. For drivers a certificate of good conduct, KRA PIN Certificate, National ID and a passport size photo is mandatory for sign up; Vetting? well through some agency.

For riders, the app will allows them to vet other ride-share customers, so that if a rider sees a profile they find worrying, they can deny the share request and it’s queued to a different rider.

Pioneered in Kenya the platform’s will charge a lone rider are set at KES 30 per kilometre, KES 4 per minute and a base fare of KES 100, a minute. The base ride will cost KES 250.00 with the minimum fare allowance for the cost-shared among the passengers.

No taxi App can deliver the breadth of drivers for any rider who books a call, if the drivers themselves are losing money or earning too little to respond to bookings. For a taxi App to serve riders with prompt pick-ups and motivated drivers, drivers themselves need to be properly rewarded, and riders need to enjoy competitive fares.

The App Feautures

  1. Ability to see the profile of the driver and fellow customers and their ratings if you opt to share a ride.
  2. The privilege to either accept or reject share ride requests as per your wish as the first customer.
    In app One Time Password (OTP) that allows customers to begin ride .When your selected driver arrives at your destination, One time password for the trip.
  3. Ability to  see the profile of the driver and other customers who request to share a ride with you and the privilege to either accept or reject their requests.
  4. Robust return policy for lost and found items retrieval
  5. simple sign up process, a ride is just a few minutes away
  6. We also give a chance to the customers and drivers to rate and comment on one another after the successful completion of the trip. Your feedback ensures that we select the best drivers for your comfort.

On the Go: Choose your destination. Whom to share the ride with & number of passengers you wish to share the ride with. Track your cab as it approaches your destination and also get to know how far the driver is away from your destination time-wise through a time countdown. View your fare cost and make payments via Cash , Lipa na Mpesa and Euro money Mastercard Visa( EMV)

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