Uberpesa ia an exclusive one: Uber has been a first one in cab hailing domain. Likewise where it’s customer to service connect Uberpesa has dominated the net.

Ubapesa is a product of Ubapesa Ltd. It is an automated peer to peer lending and borrowing platform whereby users offer each other loans through preset criteria that both the lender or borrower have to meet in-order to get automatically matched.

Applicants in need of Ubapesa loans can download their Ubapesa app from the playstore.

Ubapesa loans range from Ksh500 to a maximum of Ksh70,000 with rates of between 10.17% to 15% depending on the repayment duration. The maximum period being 60 days with options of a one-off payment or 3 payment installments.

Since the launch the app have had a positive uptake hence the larger opportunities to not only borrow but to reinvest in the app. How? Onlinecash will explain this in a bit.

This is a platform that brings money traders together: Lenders and Borrowers in a capped market to benefit both in the fastest way possible.

Money Market: enables you to view or follow opportunity offering within uberpesa app.

Borrow or Lend: enables you to either place a trade offer or to borrow from the Market.

The app has integrated AI to identify users credit score. This enables Lenders in the market in loan offering to credit worth Borrowers.How does Uberpesa AI works? The app intelligence factors a number of metrics in identifying the correct score

Check out this finance app that allows you to lend and borrow money.

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