and Jack Ma visited Kenya then Didi Chuxing a partly owned firm invested in Taxify in a move for expansion into its regional markets, especially Europe and Africa. This in addition to some other significant ride-sharing companies.

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Didi Chuxing is a dominant player in China, Didi has been making strategic investments in cab or ridesharing companies around the world. Here are a selection of its deals:

This investment strategy is, presumably, an effort to counter Uber’s global expansion. If this is the case, this strategy is an interesting exercise in investment. Rather than plowing considerable resources into developing ground operations in far-flung outposts around the world, like Uber has, Didi has instead bought up stakes in regionally dominant companies. Didi has joined SoftBank and other investors in a syndicate to purchase more shares of Uber.

Uber has a decent war chest to continue to build its operations in its many international markets, Didi is better capitalized, and has an alliance with SoftBank, the deepest pocket in VC, PE and buyouts today. As of right now, Didi is the most-funded company in the ridesharing space, with almost $4 billion more cash raised than Uber, to say nothing of debt and credit facilities. For Didi, buying its way to global domination of the ridesharing industry is a viable strategy.

With its reach expanding in scope and depth outside of China, Didi Taxify may be the ridesharing company to watch.


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