Scoppe Loan App

Welcome to Scoppe Loan App where its all Cash Everywhere powered by fintech pioneers Paddy Micro Investments. Other app under Paddy fraternity include Pesapata: an agent based platform and 269: an Agent app.

Want a quick loan? Scoppe Loan App is the answer with loan disbursement directly to and immediate to your mobile money account at any time of day.

Getting Started

Get started in 4 easy signup steps

  1. Open an account using your Facebook or Google account
  2. Input your phone number
  3. Scan your National ID or travel passport
  4. Evaluate your loan limit
  5. Apply for the qualified amount; Accepting Terms and conditions and its all money direct to you mobile money account

Your loan application is then processed upon accepting Terms and Conditions

Why Scoppe

  1. Simple to interact with
  2. Fast initial setup
  3. Quick evaluation
  4. Progressive limits
  5. Apply for qualified amount any time

Scoppe Loan App Preview


  1. 20% Loan limit deduction on late payments
  2. Small Starting Credit limits
  3. Application unstable at given instances

Contacting Scoppe Team

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Jasmine Centre, Block E2, Gama Pinto Road, Westlands Nairobi, Kenya

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