There are a lot of tools out there which make running your online business more efficient, reliable, secure and productive. Listed below are some of the services to use or for some great services

Domain Names

  1. (Domain Registration [The King])
  2. (Domain Registration)
  3. (Domain Registration)
  4. (Domain Registration)
  5. (Domain Name Portfolio Management) [related]
  6. (Acquire Expired Domains)
  7. (Measure Domain Authority and Back-links)
  8. (Back-link Analysis [Seems Better Than Majestic])
  9. (Domain Related News Headlines [Aggregator])
  10. (Domain Related News Headlines [Publisher])
  11. (Best Domain WhoIs Service)
  12. (WhoIs API Services)
  13. (Domain Name Appraisals)
  14. (Premium Domain Broker)
  15. (Domain Name Forum [The King])
  16. (Domain Name Forum [Remains Viable]) [related]
  17. (Search Public Domain Name Sales Records)
  18. (New gTLD Statistics) [related]
  19. (gTLD Stats, Metrics and Analysis) [related]
  20. (TLD Domain Counts) [related]
  21. (Domain Name Auctions) [related]
  22. (Domain Parking and Auctions)
  23. (Uniregistry Market [formally])
  24. (Purchase Recent Dropped Domains)
  25. (Purchase Domains with Payoff Plans)
  26. (Domain Name Generator Search)
  27. (Escrow Services for Large Transactions)
  28. (Resell Domains – As a re-seller all your purchases are at your own discounted buy-rates)
  29. (Learn About Domain Name Investing)
  30. (The Internet Archive [See Historical Domain Use])
  31. Available Domain Name Suggestions
  32. (Domain Health, Diagnostics and Blacklists Lookup)

Hosting and Servers

  1. (Free Auto-Renewing SSL Certificates)
  2. (SSL Certificates)
  3. (Cheap Website Hosting [Decent Support])
  4. (Cheap VPS Website Hosting [Weak Support, But Inexpensive])
  5. (Supreme Dedicated Website Hosting[Best Support, Expensive])
  6. (Server Monitoring [Complex])
  7. (Website Monitoring Alerts [Simple])
  8. (Affordable Email Hosting)
  9. (Basic Website Hosting)
  10. (CPanel Hosting Control Panel [Super Easy])
  11. (Plesk Hosting Control Panel [Slightly More Complex])
  12. (Keep Your WordPress Site HackFree) [related]
  13. (Resell Hosting – As a re-seller all your purchases are at your own discounted by rates.)
  14. (One of the Oldest and Largest Hosting Forums)

Web Development (45)

  1. (Content Management System [The King])
  2. (Building Web Pages [Dreamweaver])
  3. (PhotoShop Image Editing Software)
  4. (Free Bootstrap Themes and Templates)
  5. (Premium WordPress Themes)
  6. (Premium WordPress Themes)
  7. (Premium WordPress Themes)
  8. (Add Sharing Buttons and Content Recommendations)
  9. (RSS Reader)
  10. (Open-Source eCommerce Platform)
  11. (Open-Source eCommerce Platform)
  12. (Build Your Own Social Network Software)
  13. (Freelance Services Marketplace [Very Inexpensive])
  14. (Limitless WordPress Plugins)
  15. (Community & Forum Software)
  16. Builder)
  17. (Webmaster Ad Serving Technology)
  18. (Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tool)
  19. (Cut and Crop Photos Online)
  20. (Capture Full Length Web Site Screenshots for Free)
  21. (Test PHP Code Online)
  22. (Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool)
  23. (Minify HTML Online)
  24. (Minify CSS Online)
  25. (Minify Javascript Online)
  26. (HTTPS Header Checker)
  27. (Search Engine Spider Simulator)
  28. (Online Image Optimizer)
  29. (Programming Scripts Search Engine)
  30. (Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool)
  31. (The Open Graph Protocol [New and Important])
  32. (Microdata Generator using Vocabulary)
  33. (Open Source, High-Performance, Distributed Memory Object Caching System)
  34. (Open Source Database Servers)
  35. (Open Source Database Servers)
  36. (Crons)
  37. (Online HTML Cleaner Tool)
  38. (Free Broken Link Checker)
  39. (Online Form Builder)
  40. (Online Text Analysis Tool)
  41. (Great Free PHP RSS Parser)
  42. (Free Website Performance Metrics)
  43. (See What Technology Websites are Built With)
  44. (Link Extractor)
  45. (Develop Firefox Browser Add-Ons)

Publishing Resources

  1. (Article Headline Analyzer)
  2. (Self-Publish Your Own Paperbacks)
  3. (Self-publish eBooks and Paperbacks)
  4. (High Volume Newspaper Printing Company)
  5. (Video Editor)
  6. (Where News Companies Actually Get Their News From)
  7. (Great Place to Find Freelance Journalists)
  8. (Duplicate Content Detection Software)
  9. (Purchase Content from Freelance Content Writers)‎
  10. (Online Character Count Tool)
  11. (Convert Text Between Upper Case, Lower Case and Sentence Case)
  12. (Free Comma Deliminator Separating Tool)
  13. (Design Tool [I’m Still Learning How To Use])

Traffic Generation, Branding & Marketing

  1. (Google Online Advertising [The King])
  2. (Facebook Advertising)
  3. (Advertise on News Websites)
  4. (Measure Site Traffic [Simple])
  5. (Measure Site Traffic [Complex])
  6. (Bing [and Yahoo] Webmaster Tools)
  7. (Google Webmaster Central)
  8. (Automated Sitemap Builder)
  9. (Local Listing Syndication)
  10. (Email Marketing [Free Trial])
  11. (Video-Sharing Website)
  12. (Video-Sharing Website)
  13. (Professional Online Business Networking)
  14. (Photo Sharing Social Network [Great for Visuals])
  15. (Photo Sharing Social Network [Great for Visuals])
  16. (Content Sharing Site [Viral Content])
  17. (Business Cards, Signs and Banners)
  18. (Real Time Social Networking and Search)
  19. (Grow Twitter Account Followers)
  20. (Bing and Yahoo Ads)
  21. (Promotional Materials)
  22. (AOL’s Advertising Programs)
  23. (One of the Oldest and Largest Search Optimization Forums)
  24. (Back-link Builder – Use with Caution, Creates Automatically)
  25. (The Old ValueClick Network)
  26. (Sell Your Own Custom Branded Promotional Items)
  27. (Email Delivery Confirmation and Tracking Statistics)
  28. (Largest Forums in the World [Know Where to Go])


Website Monetization (14)

  1. (Automated Website Monetization [The King])  [related]
  2. (Send and Receive Payments Online)
  3. (Amazon Affiliate Program)
  4. (Online Shopping Cart Merchant Accounts)
  5. (Display Advertising on Websites)
  6. (Resell Hosting – As a re-seller all your purchases are at your own discounted by rates – you’ll save plenty more times over than the cost to join – I’ve been doing for eight years.)
  7. (Display Advertising [Decent Google Adsense Alternative])
  8. (The Old Tribal Fusion[Decent Google Adsense Alternative])
  9. (The Old ValueClick Network [Decent Google Adsense Alternative])
  10. (For Selling Digital Products such as e-Books)
  11. (Sell Your Own Custom Branded Promotional Items)
  12. (Email Marketing Affiliate Program)
  13. (Various Affiliate Programs [formerly Commission Junction])
  14. (The Market Health Affiliate Program)

Other, Workflow and General Operations (27)

  1. (Collaborate and Share Documents and Spreadsheets)
  2. (Fastest and Simplest Business Loans)
  3. (Best Credit Card for Your Business)
  4. (Send and Receive Payments Online)
  5. (Free Project Management Software)
  6. (Simulated Virtual Business Phone Systems)
  7. (Great CRM Alternative to SalesForce which is Much More Expensive)
  8. (Online Accounting Software [Decent Alternative to QuickBooks])
  9. (Best Online Accounting Software)
  10. (Worldwide Virtual Office Rental and Business Addresses)
  11. (Voice-Over-IP Phone System)
  12. https://www.8× (Voice-Over-IP Phone System)
  13. (Voice-Over-IP Phone System)
  14. (Group Video Calls)
  15. (Voice-Over-IP Phone System)
  16. (Business iPads and Cellular Phones)
  17. (Internet Fax)
  18. (Internet Fax Services)
  19. (Call Tracking Services)
  20. (Call Tracking Services with SMS Ability)
  21. (Spy On Your Competitors Keyword PPC Campaigns)
  22. (Sell Equipment, Place Job Ads, Find Freelancers, Classifieds)
  23. (Collect Contract Signatures Digitally)
  24. (Buying and Selling Online Businesses)
  25. (See The Top 500 Sites on the Web)
  26. (See What’s Trending Online)
  27. (A Forum for Forum Administrators)
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