is the best AdSense alternative is the best AdSense alternative available was recently sold to a Chinese investment firm for $900 million is a CPC ad network that’s about the closest in form and function to Adsense. It’s probably the second biggest ad network in the world next to Adsense and is partnered with the Yahoo and Bing networks. is BETTER than Adsense and the best altenative todate.

Adsense has of the last few years now shifted to a more cookie-driven ad, where the ad unites are filled with image ads related to a user’s previous search history unlike ads directly related to the page content the user is viewing for relevance. No matter how broad or niche your website is, will always have advertisers relevant to your content

Though does not always perform as well as Adsense in certain niches, it can perform just as well and even better than Adsense based on the niche, content, and ad placements.

The Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program powered by enables web and mobile publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. offers its publishers, a self-serve platform to create ad units that display a mix of relevant display and text ads for Desktop and Mobile traffic. Benefits

  1. Real support, personalized attention and service: At, you get personalized attention. Your Account representative will regularly give you meaningful suggestions to help maximize your ad revenue. Make the most of it!
  2. Generate incremental revenue with minimal effort
    Focused only on publishers with premium content
  3. Top brand advertisers and 100% fill rate
  4. Highly relevant ads that enhance user experience and reduce ad clutter
  5. Ads Can Be Placed in Aggressive,
  6. High CTR Positions
  7. You Can Use Sticky Ads
  8. Aggressive Layout Options
  9. Automatic Ad Optimization
  10. Responsive Ad Sizes
  11. SSL Compliant Ads
  12. Contextual Ads: technology absorbs the concept of your content and serves ads that are always contextually relevant. You can also design our ads to look completely native to your website to deliver a seamless user experience for your visitors.
  13. Considerate site review, no comparison with adsense
  14. Yahoo! Bing Contextual Ads Program: exclusive access to the world’s 2nd largest pool of keyword-targeted advertisers. We are partners with other premium ad networks and exchanges too. All these demand partners compete in real-time for every impression and drive up your ad revenue.


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