Kenya’s David Ndii ranked second most influential economist in Africa, 22nd globally

Kenyan scholar and political strategist David Ndii has been ranked among top 100 most influential economists by a popular US website, Richtopia.

Richtopia economists’ list focuses its ranking on an individual’s social media followers, engagement, overall news coverage and monthly name search on Google among other metrics.

In the influential list released on Saturday, July 25, and which was dominated by US scholars, Ndii scooped position 22 globally and second most influential economist in Africa after Dambisa Moyo of Gambia.

Richtopia noted there were many other distinguished economists who did not make it on the list of because they did not have active social media accounts.

There are thousands of credible economists who did not make this list because to qualify, economists must have a consistent digital presence,” said the research firm.

Ndii has distinguished himself as a sound economist thanks to his ability to effortlessly breakdown complex financial and economic data into simple and easy-to-understand content.


Ndii was appointed by the Opposition coalition to lead the proposed Peoples Assembly that is spearheading the planned swearing-in.

He rose to the national limelight after he caused a stir by posting a controversial document titled “petition for self-determination,” credited to be behind the secession calls.

Listed on Strathmore profiles, Ndii is a prominent columnist on a daily paper on economic development and governance issues, holds a PHD from Oxford University.

He graduated with a First class degree in economics from Nairobi University in 1988 and enrolled for a master’s degree the same year.

He went for another master’s degree at the Oxford University where he graduated in 1994 and enrolled for a doctorate degree the same institution.

Ndii has offered consultancy services across the globe and is one of the most revered scholars in matters economy.

He has been a constant critic of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s economic decisions and plans and has severally written articles to offer guidance and whatever he deemed to be viable economic solutions.

The Rhodes Scholar and Eisenhower fellow co-founded the Institute of Economic Affairs, Kenya’s first independent policy think tank.

He advised the NARC administration on the Economic Recovery Strategy (ERS) credited with the post 2003 recovery of the Kenyan economy.

Ndii was also an Economic advisor to the Government of Rwanda and public finance expert to the Kenya constitutional review Committee of Experts (COE).

His Twitter handle is often blazing with economic theories and hard-hitting comments on the government’s flaws.

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