Kenya Bankers Association Annual Research Conference Set for this Week

The Kenya Bankers Association will hold its 9th annual banking research

The Kenya Bankers Association will hold its 9th annual banking research conference on Wednesday 23 to Friday 25 September. The event will bring together more than 200 delegates under the theme:

Banking and social development: market structure, behavioral evolution, and financial sector dynamics.

KBA says that attendees will learn about the interaction between the structure of the banking industry, the behavioral evolution of economic agents seeking financing, and the underlying regulatory environment influencing the finance-economic nexus.

The presentations will feature eight papers interrogating the influence of the structure of the banking industry on pricing and credit allocation. Furthermore, the researchers will be analyzing the evolving expectations of the non-financial sector economic agents on the value proposition of the financial services industry.

Each forum in the three-day programme will run from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. On the first day, discussions will zero in on COVID19 disruption and the joint and coordinated response strategy by the government and private sector to mitigate against the pandemic’s effects.

Discussions on the relationship between financial innovation and the digital economy in enhancing financial inclusion will take centrestage on the second day. Others include how market structures relate with pricing trend in Kenya and the cost benefit analysis of regulation.

On the final day, discussion will delve into the influence of macroprudential regulation on stability and intermediation with the financial system. Panelists will also examine the influence of competition on access to credit.

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