Some fab UI upgrade on the Haraka loan app. The look n feel is just brilliant

Correct me if wrong but for all goodness I like the app better, way more than the previous outlook.

Light Blue or aqua? a little colour blind here but I am sure you will give some thumbs up on this one.

Haraka brand under the parent company MyBucks was named the Best Financial Inclusion Company “overall winner” at the European FinTech Awards 2017.

With the upgraded feutures on the Haraka app, I can attention that the brand is headed for the best. Way ahead of 600 fintech companies driven by the use of cutting edge intelligence (‘A.I.’) and bot software.

Haraka have incorporated the use of ‘big data’, for evaluating credit scores for the digitally invisible, truly banking the unbanked and gaining ba credit mile.

Best Financial Inclusion Company.

What makes MyBucks unique would be our day to day stories. We focus on real solutions for individuals, not just the number of clients we can attract. When you hear examples of how our work has influenced those living across three continents, you realize that we are directly impacting the lives of people from across emerging markets and from all walks of life, bringing them into the globalizing economy and giving them a chance to build credit, access loans, and participate in lasting economic development. Michal Gebala, Managing Director of GetBucks Poland

The smart phone mobile phone penetration is at its best in Kenya, East Africa and more so l Africa as a whole. Never mind the sh** H** by one foolish redneck trump on us

On haraka, its just right to adopt the mobile platform for the inclusion factor.

Own a smart phone and don’t have he Haraka App already? May be Branch: Tala or Okolea? trust me it would be all better with some credit limits for some small businesses or emergency wallet.

In need of some quick fund? Get Haraka for some Quick, Instant credit. Anytime, anywhere paid straight to your mobile wallet “m-pesa”

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  1. having told about haraka being efficient by a freind.i threfore like to be amoung haraka growth.

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