Google Launches Android 11 Go

Android 11 Go Launched

Google has unveiled Android 11 Go – designed with low-powered budget devices in mind. Google has launched the highly-anticipated Android 11 – the latest version of its mobile operating system – to a number of users who own select Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO or real

A key feature of the stripped-down OS is that it is able to work on devices with 2GB of RAM or less me devices.  A bump up from Android 10 (Go edition), which was made for devices with less than 1.5GB of RAM. But don’t necessarily expect to upgrade your existing 2GB phone: Android 11 Go is only going to come out with new phones with that much memory, not earlier ones

Android 11 Go is only going to come out with new phones with that much memory. Otherwise, Google expects Android 11 Go will allow apps to launch 20 percent faster than on Android 10 Go.


The tech company says that this update has been optimized for how people use their phones thus giving you powerful device controls. And easier ways to manage conversations, privacy settings and so much more.

Android 11’s key features:

Faster launch times.

Apps start up 15% faster when you run Android (Go edition) on an entry-level smartphone.


  • Voice Access – Intuitive labels on apps help you control and navigate your phone, all by speaking out loud. Even use Voice Access offline, for more support whenever you need it.
  • Talkback braille keyboard – Type braille using just your Android device. No additional hardware needed.
  • Lookout – Lookout now has two new modes. Scan Document and Food Label help people with low vision or blindness get things done faster and more easily.

Messaging and Sharing

  • Conversations – See, respond to and control your conversations across multiple messaging apps. All in the same spot. Choose priority conversations that will show up on your lock screen.
  • Bubbles – Pin conversations so they always appear on top of other apps and screens.
  • Smart reply – On Pixel devices1, replies are intelligently suggested based on what’s been said in the conversation.2
  • Keyboard autofill – GBoard gives you suggestions to help fill in forms with the info you use most. Like passwords or your home address.
  • Nearby Share -Quickly and securely send files, videos, map locations and more to devices nearby. Works with Android devices, Chromebooks or devices running Chrome browser.

Digital Wellbeing

  • Bedtime Mode – Bedtime Mode quiets your phone when it’s time to go to sleep. Schedule it to run automatically or while your phone charges as you rest. Your screen switches to grayscale and your notifications go silent with Do Not Disturb.
  • Clock – The new bedtime feature in Clock helps you set a healthy sleep schedule. Track screen time at night and fall asleep to calming sounds.

We believe that everyone should have access to an amazing smartphone experience. From features that make the world more inclusive to tools that change lives, Android (Go edition) is a platform with major impact.


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